OffGrid Power Solutions offers an environmentally friendly, cost saving alternative to diesel or other fossil fuel generators.


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Go Solar

Renewable Energy Source

Renewable energy provides a source of power that generates neither pollution nor greenhouse gases. Our Solar generators only rely on the sun as their fuel. Solar is a clean power that is one of the most effective ways to decrease a carbon footprint.

Low Maintenance Cost

Solar panels require limited maintenance, only periodic cleaning, which extends the intervals of maintenance.

Savings on Operational Costs

Generating power with solar energy costs less than using fossil fuels due to the lack of fuel, and the regular servicing of oil, air, and fuel systems.

Zero Noise and Emissions

Generating power with solar panels not only avoids polluting the environment, but produces power silently. Contrast this to noisy fossil fuel generators.

Solar vs. Diesel

Solar Power GeneratorDiesel Generator
  • High Installation Cost
  • Long-Term Savings
  • Certain Banks offer Clean Energy Loans
  • Expect to Save 10-15% on Bills over a Course of 20 Years
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Continuous Cost (Factor in Increasing Price of Fuel)
  • Conserves Power
  • Reduces Pollution Emissions
  • Produces Pollution Emissions
  • Generates when Needed
  • Very Little Maintenance
  • Continuous Generation
  • Regardless of Consumed Power
  • Only Relies on the Sun
  • Requires Fuel Check-Up