The OffGrid Power System is designed to provide solar energy in a wide variety of settings.

A multipurpose mobile generator, the OffGrid Power Solutions system serves various applications such as agriculture, construction, telecommunications, events, disaster relief and many more.


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An alternative to fossil fuel powered generators, the OffGrid Power System is constructed to provide power to remote agricultural locations. The generator provides electricity to power water pumps, pump transfer stations, lighting, power tools, and hot water for heating.


The OffGrid Power System is designed to provide power to remote sites, those yet to connect to line power, or any site needing back up for their line power. Once on site, the system is capable of providing power for lighting, electrical power tools, job trailers, safety equipment, signage, ventilation equipment or other necessary power needs.


The OffGrid Power System is capable of providing solar standby power and hours of back up storage for cell towers insuring critical communications are maintained.


The OffGrid Power System can provide power for event trailers, ticket booths, cash registers, computers, lighting, cell phone power stations, all while operating quietly.

Disaster Relief

The OffGrid Power System provides renewable energy for areas suffering from power outages. Supplying power for lights, refrigeration, command centers, and medical triage centers, the OffGrid Power System can ensure access to reliable uninterrupted power to aid in recovery.

Additional Applications

The OffGrid Power System can provide power for oil and gas fields or other remote sites like cabins or retreats.